What day is the first day of my cycle?
The first day of menstrual flow (not spotting) should be counted as cycle day 1, if unsure, wait for the first recognisable day of full flow.
What is a follicle?
The follicle consists of the fluid filled sack that surrounds the ripening egg together with the sheath of supporting cells that surrounds it. On cycle day one a dominant follicle will be approximately 1-2mm in size. A healthy follicle can grow up to 2mm per day. The follicle is near maturity when reaching 16-20mm.
What size does the follicle have to be to ovulate?
Minimum size of 16-20mm
What is the soonest day I can test for pregnancy?
The soonest day to test for pregnancy is the first day of your next expected period, trying to test any sooner will yield unreliable results and cause unnecessary stress. Best is to wait until the expected date of your next period. Doing a hCG blood test is the most reliable method of testing for pregnancy.