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    Question Questions to ask FS

    Hey all

    Seeing as I'm going to the FS on Wednesday, I was wondering what questions I should be asking?
    This will be our first time at a FS and I'm not quite sure what to ask. Obviously will I be taking with all my previous blood tests/results etc.

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    There are sooooo many possible questions to ask. I know the two questions that always burst from me are:

    How long do I have to wait?
    When can I start??

    All the best!
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    Shoeeeweee, there are a kazillion questions to ask ( I am a HUGE asker!!). What I've done was to read up about treatment etc. on the internet and the things I was not sure of, I asked him about.
    Ask him about different options of treatments, some of his success stories and just anything that comes to mind. Make some notes before the time, cause one forget when you are face to face with the dr.

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    Hi Mariaan
    I'll be thinking of you for your appointment on Wednesday! Dr H is truly a wonderful man and I am also due to see him on Wednesday afternoon. He explains things so thoroughly and lets you ask whatever you want to ask. I have often found that when i leave his office i think of something else i want to ask and he has replied to every single one of e-mails! Let us know how it goes ok?
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