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Thread: Discovery and infertility as PMB - Blood tests

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    Default Discovery and infertility as PMB - Blood tests

    Hi All,

    I have been fighting with Discovery for MONTHS to refund me for my bloods I had done at my FS - they were ALL on the list that should be covered by the Scheme since Infertility is in fact a PMB condition. After much contention they say they will now pay for them (after I jump through some more hoops first of course) ALTHOUGH they say they will only pay for ONE SET of each of the tests - I had a number of repeat tests done at various times in my cycle so I wanted to check if they are being underhanded again or if they are within their rights to do this. PLEASE can you all who are familiar with Medical Schemes and their rules and the actual LAW give me some insight here?

    Thanks girls!!

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    Hi Taylor
    Sorry can't really help you with the legal issues, but I'm also with discovery and my entire savings account was depleted with all the blood tests. I was considering going the same route as you but got a bit worried that if I fall pregnant the medical aid must not refuse to pay for certain things because I had fertility treatments. I don't have any information on that. I was just being cautious. Anyway just wanted to ask you if applied for the PMB before you took the tests?
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    What i do know of discovery is that they have excluded 'infertility'. Its a broad statement i guess which is part of the issue. My advice is to get the details of the registrar at discovery management. I contacted the registrar at my MA and we are in contact as to what is and what isnt covered. I also get to negotiate and its a bit better than dealing with incompetent call centre ppl (who will just raise your blood pressure and you will get nowhere). Its actually something that they are willing to do at my MA - communication with respectful discussion gets a lot more benefits than bitching to some idiot on the call centre. Good luck haggling
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    Hi guys,
    Infertility is in fact a PMB condition specifically 902M as described in the Medical Schemes Act of 1998 (available on the Council for Medical Schemes website - see appendix A) that ALL Schemes HAVE to abide by. Do a search on this forum, there are lots of threads by Dot who knows a hell of a lot about this. There is a PMB form you need to fill in for your Medical aid. If you can get your doctor to write a motivation letter stating that due to whatever reason you are classified as being infertile, you should be able to get the fund to do a reversal and get some cash back although they say they will only pay for one set of each blood test/hsg/sperm tests per year. The following blood tests have to be covered by the scheme and NOT from your savings. An HSG and sperm testing is also supposed to be covered:

    a. Day 3 FSH/LH
    b. Oestradiol
    c. Thyroid function (TSH)
    d. Prolactin
    e. Rubella
    f. HIV
    g. VDRL
    h. Chlamydia
    i. Day 21 Progesterone

    Most of the call centre operators have no idea about this and just say that infertility is not covered - end of story. Ask to speak to a specialist consultant immediately and familiarise yourself with the legislation so you can quote directly from it. They may also not know about it (my experience) but if you insist on speaking with someone even higher up you'll eventually reach someone who does. Most medical aids rely on the ignorance of their members so as not to pay for certain things. I say fight for what is legally your right!
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