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    Default Fertomid side-effects

    Hi Ladies
    This is my first month on Fertomid and I just want to check with those of you that have been on it before whether the side effects I am feeling are normal:
    I started taking it yesterday and since then I've been feeling dizzy, light headed, slightly nauseous and all together weird... like I can't think straight! I am also quite off balance (goes with the dizziness, I suppose). Emotionally, I am ok though... I'm actually in quite a good mood, in general. Just a bit tired.
    Yesterday I had quite a hectic headache too, but that seems to have dissipated today. My back and hips hurt a bit today though (a bit like before getting my period).
    I was just wondering if anyone else experienced similar symptoms and if there is anything I can do to lessen the effect? Luckily it's the weekend now, so I won't have to drive anywhere, because I won't be confident operating heavy machinery in this state! Haha!

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    Hi there. A friend of mine also just started fertomid and was reporting similar side effects.
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    drinks lots of water to stay sharp hun what you are feeling is normal.....GL with your cycle

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    I don't know if it's anything like Femara, but no fertility drug since (not even the injectables) has ever given me the crazies in quite the same intensity as those little tablets. Drink LOTS of water and buckle up for the ride. Warn the people that can be warned Know that the minute the pills stop, you will be normal again!
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    Yup - unfortunately they are normal. As the other ladies say...drink lots of water and you'll start feeling normal soon

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    yip totally normal! The worst for me were the hot flashes! I would wake up in a pool of sweat! Lovely! Oh and sweaty feet allllll the time! Would have to change my socks like 3 times a day!
    Good luck with your cycle!

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    Yep, fertomid was not my friend - although apparently some people take it with no side effects.
    I actually found the worst for me was PMS like I've never experienced, almost ripped my husband's head off with totally bizarre mood swings. Crossing fingers and toes you have a BFP and therefore no PMS, but be warned.

    But it's such an inexpensive drug that I think it really is worth enduring because it does work for a large number of women!
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    I just had a fertomid baby! I didn't have many side effects, but was on a super low dose 25mg. I do hope it works for you as it did for me, despite the side effects you are having!
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    Hi there

    I also had quite a few side effects on Fertomid. I experienced headaches, mood swings, my boobs were sore and my pelvic area hurt a bit. I drank a lot of water and used a hot water bottle to ease the pelvic pain.
    Don't worry though, the side effects wear off once you stop.

    All the best with this cycle, it's a small price to pay for that BFP
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    Thanx guys!
    I must say, I started feeling better around day 3 (drinking water helped) and today is the last day so it's all over. Went to see the FS today and it seems I have 4 follicles that have started developing (one in the one ovary and 3 in the other). They are still quite small (its only day 7), but the doc is confident that they will grow and that we will have more than one ready when we do IUI. I am going back on Friday for another scan and blood tests to confirm ovulation and then (hopefully) we'll do IUI on Monday!
    Fingers and toes all crossed!!

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