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Thread: C-Section Delivery Tomorrow - wish me luck please

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    Default C-Section Delivery Tomorrow - wish me luck please

    Hi Ladies
    Saw doc on Monday this week and it turns out we have to move our baby's birth up to tomorrow (instead of 15 March). We also have to have a C-section which came as a bit of a shock. Turns out the placenta is calcifying and there's hardly any fluid left, in addition to the cord around the neck. While that in itself may not be a problem, I want to have a happy birthing experience and honestly the thought of potentially starting out with hours of natural and then having to end up having a c-section anyway does not make for a happy birthing story in my opinion.

    We are just hoping for a happy, healthy delivery tomorrow. Cannot wait to meet our little one. Please send loads of positive vibes our way for tomorrow...together with any advice?

    Me: 36
    DH: 36 - in showroom condition!
    TTC #1 - 2 years
    April - June 2010: Chlomid - BFN
    July - August 2010: Timed cycle - BFN
    Aug 2011: Lap (removed a cyst that was distorting my left tube as well as some endo). Technicallly now I am firing on both cylinders.
    Sept 2011: Timed cycle - BFN; Oct 2011: break; Nov 2011: Timed cycle - BFN; Dec 2011: Timed cycle with Femara (5mg) - BFN; Jan 2012: Short protocol IVF - BFN; March 2012: Long protocol IVF - BFN (Beta of 5)
    June 2012: IVF 3 - BFP! .
    Feb 2013 - our beautiful baby girl was born. She is perfect and we are smitten with her!

    TTC #2
    August 2013 - Jan 2014 - Tried naturally
    Feb 2013: Time cycle - BFN
    March 2013: IVF: 10 eggs retrieved, only 2 fertilised. Put 2 back. BFP!
    First Beta: 608; Second Beta: 1208. Doing third beta on Monday.

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    Ooh wow that's exciting and nerve-wracking all at once! I agree with having a happy birth story and am soo happy younger yours tomorrow!

    Wishing you all the best and can't wait to read your birth story and see photos...

    Sending lots of prayers and hugs for a safe & healthy delivery!
    Me 36 yrs: Infertile (well I was)
    DH 36 yrs: Perfectly fine & fertile
    Recurrent Pregnancy Losses (12). 10 Laps since 1992
    PCOS, Cushings Disease & Stage 4 Endo & Scarring
    Hypothyroiditis & High thyroid Anti-bodies
    Various ART interventions 2007 - 2009 at Vitalab
    Adopted our beautiful son Adam on 23/09/09!!
    Current: Spontaneous Miracle BFP 29/09/2012
    Betas: 3w 4d - 678, 3w 6d - 1317, 4w 1d - 3327, 4w 5d - 13 812

    We are expecting a healthy, perfect baby girl! Induction Date: 20 May 2013

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    So great, sending prayers.

    Have a wonderful birth experience.
    TTC: 16+ Years
    Me: 41 Left Tube surgically disconnected, right tube adhesions
    Amh 0.94 FSH 6.7 (July 2012)
    DH: 42 Morphology 2% - Motility 50% and count 50million

    3x Clomid cycles
    Too many Timed cycles
    1 x IUI
    2005 July - IVF:#1 No fertilization
    2006 April - ICSI:#2 BFN
    2009 July - ICSI:#3 With DE BFN
    2012 May - Biological clock is ticking.
    June 2012- Laparoscopy: Removed adhesions on right tube, 2 x fibroids & endo removed
    Nov 2012 - Cyst on right ovary - meds and DHEA (USA brand)
    Jan 2013 - Cyst still there and doubled in size
    Feb 2013 - Cyst is gone !!
    Feb 2013 - ICSI #4 BFN (Final Attempt)
    (Antagonist Protocol 1 x Femara & 4amps Menopur with Intralipids - CD 11 Scan about 7 Follies visible - ER 8th March 7 Eggs, 3 mature, Fert report 1 going strong 2nd one very slow and 3rd one stopped growing. 1 x 8Cell Embie transferred)

    The TTC Journey has ended

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    All the best for tomorrow hope you have the best birth experience. Can't wait to read your birth story.

    Sending prayers your way.
    Me: 30 Tubeless Amh 0.58
    Dh: 42 perfect
    Ttc: 5 yrs
    5 x Clomid cycle BFN
    Aug Hsg: blocked cubes

    #1 IVF ~ 1: BFN Oct 12

    New Fs Dr S Aevitas
    Lap/hsg: feb 14 both tubes removed

    Accupuncture with Vicky twice a week

    #2 IVF/ICSI - BFN. 09/13

    Endometrial scratching/ Hsg 22/10/13


    #4 IVF June/July

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    All the best. Remember every moment and write it all down asap after the birth as you will be amazed how quickly you start to forget the small
    Me 45, DH 53
    Miscarriage Nov 2003 (Natural pregnancy)
    5 X IUI's
    3 X ICSI (2 x BFN, 1 X Chemical Pregnancy)
    4th ICSI - BFP (Beta's 156, 295, 516)
    Dylan Mathew Faure born on 29 April 2009 - all thanks and praise to our Father in heaven

    2nd Attempt
    1X FET (BFN)
    2nd FET (no embryos survived the thaw) - The END!

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    Hi Wishing
    Good luck for your caesar tomorrow, looking forward to your birth story. Advice- take the painkillers they give you, walk as soon as you are able to. Decided before the caesar if DH is to stay with you or go with baby to the nursery after the delivery. The baby doesnt stay in theatre long as it is too cold.
    Me: 34 PCOS, AMH 1,75
    DW: 33 PCOS
    Same sex couple married 2006

    TTC with DW: IUI X1 with FS
    IVI at home BFP (who needs doctors!) its a LB

    TTC since 2008 with me
    Dr C at Femway
    1X BFP On 2nd FET- m/c
    1x BFP On 3rd FET. 852 10dp5dt, 1929 12dp5dt- TWINS pPROM at 18 weeks, our precious boys born sleeping at 18weeks 3 days.

    FET #4 BFN
    IUI # 11 BFN

    All hope is lost. I am empty.

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    Good luck! I totally agree about having a positive birth experience. I am also having my caesar tomorrow. It will be a good day. How many weeks are you now? I will be 37 tomorrow.
    Me and DH 39
    1 son, 7 years old. Conceived naturally after 2 years and several timed cycles. Had 2 laparoscopies and loads of tests, treatment only clomid and fertomid so far.
    TTC #2 basically since 2006. Several timed cycles. Cannot afford IVF and DH not keen.
    Diagnosed with PCOS and stage 4 Endo. DH fine.
    April 2012 - Lap done at Bioart. Endo removed and uterus lifted. Dr Cassim very happy with the results. Trying naturally for 3 months.

    08/07/2012 Positive bloodtest, Waiting for Beta!!
    09/07:1st Beta 212.
    12/07: 2nd Beta 713.

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    Good luck to both of you for today!!
    Me - 34 Endo 4 Low AMH (1.3)
    DH - 38 - 100% Perfect!!
    TCC - 4+ years
    FS: Vitalab
    IVF/ICSI#1 - BFN
    IVF/ICSI#2 - Nov/Dec 2012 : BFP 1#159 2#1051
    Connor Jace born on 8 August 2013 @ 37.3 weeks 3.13kg
    Moving to Germany Feb 2014
    TTC #2 : Collecting data to create German baby

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    Good luck for today Wishing! Can't wait to hear your birthstory.
    Me: 35 (Endo 3, AMH 2012: 1.12, 2014: 0.36, 2015: 0.16)
    DH: 36 (low count, morphology, mobility)
    Started Sept 2010
    4 cycles chlomid, 3 IUI's: BFN
    IVF (Nov '12): 2 follicles, 2 retrieved, 2 transferred: BFP
    Boy(1.234kg)/Girl(1.224kg) twins born at 27 weeks on 21 May 2013
    Said goodbye to my precious son on 25 July 2013
    LG came home after 76 days in NICU
    "I was drowning at times, but when I saw those eyes of yours my body learned how to swim."
    Started Feb 2014
    IVF (Nov/Dec '14): endo scratch, intralipid, femara, pergoveris, cetrotide.. 3 follies, ER: 3, 2 fertilised, ET day 3: one 10 cell compacting embie on board and one on ice! BFN
    FET (Feb '15): Estrofem, intralipid, cyclogest.. 1 hatching grade 4AB blastocyst on board. BFN
    IVF (Apr '15): endo scratch, lucrin, femara, pergoveris.. 1 follie at scan er: 1, no fertilisation BFN
    May '15: New FS. 1 antral follicle, very small empty ovaries. Taking DHEA until end Aug and then re-evaluate.
    Sept '15: AMH 0.16, FSH 11.1 , FS refuse to do IVF with own eggs
    Oct '15: Dr Cassim (Bioart) found a septum in uterus and scarring from c-section, 1 last attempt with own eggs
    IVF (Oct/Nov'15): Long protocol with DHEA, Norditropin, Lucrin, Fostimon... Cancelled: Spontaneous BFP while down-regulating
    Beta (27 Oct): 1018, (29 Oct): 2312, (31 Oct): 5023
    10 weeks: cervix shortening and dilating, shirodkar stitch placed
    18w(1Feb): a healthy little girl, cervix measuring 4.1cm
    27w: cervix still long, but irritable uterus... On bedrest until baby comes
    32w: baby measuring close to 2kg, cervix behaving well, GRATEFUL!!!
    36w: last appointment, measuring 2.929kg! All set for 13 June 2016
    Healthy baby girl born on 13 June 2016 weighing 3.22kg

    And then they lived happily ever after. The end.

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    Hi W

    Can't wait to read your birth story.....hope u and baba r well


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