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Thread: Crinone build up???? Warning TMI

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    Exclamation Crinone build up???? Warning TMI

    Hi ladies,

    i did my first IVF and was given Crinone to use from just after ER. I have been having an aweful discharge that is *warning TMI* yellowish and almost cottage cheese like. I have asked my FS to give my something for thrush as i was convinced this must be the problem but did a google search today and found that this can happen when ladies have used Crinone, they call it a build up and recommend that you clean it out ( with your finger)

    I was just wondering if anyone else has experienced this and has any advice for me
    Me: 33, DH 33
    Baby # 1 TTC ( 2004 - 2007)
    BG born 13 Feb 2008

    Baby # 2 TTC for 3 years
    Lap Aug 2010 ( Endo GradeII)
    Fertomid march - June 2011 BFN
    BD & ovidrel sept 2011 BFN
    BD & ovidrel Oct 2011 BFN
    Hysteroscopy removed septum Nov 2011
    IUI#1 Dec 2011 BFN
    IUI#2 Jan 2012 CANCELLED ( due to too many follies)
    Second opinion with Dr H @ CFC
    IUI#2 March 2012 BFN
    IUI#3 May 2012 BFN
    IVF#1 May/June 2012 (Gonal F, Cetrotide, ovidrel, estro-pause and crinone) ER 01/06/2012 (12 Eggs)
    3 snow embies
    2 embies on board (ET 6/06/2012) BFP Beta: 9dp5dt/12dp5dt : 503/1810
    3/07/2012 First scan 6w4d TWO heartbeats
    25/07/2012 9w5d both doing well and growing beautifully
    16/08/2012 FAS both babies are perfect and we are having a GIRL and a BOY
    17/09/2012 18 weeks and both babies are doing very well
    09/10/2012 20 week FAS so in love with these two gifts from GOD
    06/12/2012 30 week both babies are 1.3kg
    08/01/2013 34 weeks babies weighing 2.2kg
    23/01/2013 36 weeks and C - section booked for 30th January 2013
    30/01/2013 Malachi John Drew 2.51kg and Briella Jean Drew 2.75kg Were born at 37 weeks and both healthy
    I am complete and so is my Family Thank you GOD!!!!

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    I had the same thing. Not the end of the world.

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    I had the same thing too. I ended up asking my gynae to clean it out properly for me since I used it until 20 weeks and was worried about doing something to my cervix.

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    Thank you Ladies, glad to hear that it is normal.....

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    L Drew same thing happened to me and i asked Dr Le Roux, its normal. It will go away.
    Me - 37 PCOS
    DH - 37 Seems to be fine (slightly low morphology) was told he also had a mild varicocele
    Married 2009
    TTC since 2011
    2 x Clomid timed cycles
    1 x Gonal F timed cycle
    4 x Menopur timed cycles (1 chemical pregnancy)
    1 x IUI with Menopur
    March 2012 IVF #1 (BFN) 7 eggs Day 3 transfer (transferred 2) nothing to freeze
    May 2012 IVF # 2 (BFN) 15 eggs Day 5 transfer (transferred 2) nothing to freeze
    March 2013 IVF #3 (BFN) 9 eggs Day 3 transfer (transferred 3) nothing to freeze
    Did acupuncture for IVF no 3 for a full year
    Had a hysteroscopy and Lap - nothing to report just did a bit of a clear out.
    Took DHEA, Glucophage, Macca power then tablets, CQ10, Maxi Vit Plus and Royal Jelly.
    Consulted with Prof Bouic and did all the relevant immune tests, did LIT treatment (transferred some of hubbies blood into me)
    September 2013 Surprise BFP while waiting to start IVF 4 - shocked
    Baby girl born 05.05.14 (My little Miracle)
    Feb 2016 surprise BFP - EDD Oct 2016 - another massive shock

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    Same thing for me too and I also thought it was thrush. It lasted until 6 weeks even though I stopped Crinone at 15dpo.

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    I also had the same thing - It's so yucky!!! I thought there was something seriously wrong It also went a pinkish colour sometimes which was terrible and I had a panic attack! It's all good though because as horrible as it is taking it, it really does an amazing job
    Me: 31-PCOS; Immunological probs; x2 HSG; large septum removed
    DH: 34 Low morph/motility
    TTC: 3 1/2 yrs (medicated cycles)
    x5 miscarriages
    Apr 09-cct bfp Born @ 26 wks-460g
    Chloe died @ 5 weeks in NICU
    Mar-Apr IUI#1&2: BFN-Severe reactions
    May '11: BFP with Intralipids!! 10/11/13dpo=Beta 49;146;446! Twins!
    LG died @ 14 weeks (Chromosomal Abnormality)
    Logan Cole born 05/01/2012 at 38w-3.480 kg!
    I am complete again

    Waiting for DH to get ready to try again...


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