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Thread: Crinone build up???? Warning TMI

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    Exclamation Crinone build up???? Warning TMI

    Hi ladies,

    i did my first IVF and was given Crinone to use from just after ER. I have been having an aweful discharge that is *warning TMI* yellowish and almost cottage cheese like. I have asked my FS to give my something for thrush as i was convinced this must be the problem but did a google search today and found that this can happen when ladies have used Crinone, they call it a build up and recommend that you clean it out ( with your finger)

    I was just wondering if anyone else has experienced this and has any advice for me
    Me: 33, DH 33
    Baby # 1 TTC ( 2004 - 2007)
    BG born 13 Feb 2008

    Baby # 2 TTC for 3 years
    Lap Aug 2010 ( Endo GradeII)
    Fertomid march - June 2011 BFN
    BD & ovidrel sept 2011 BFN
    BD & ovidrel Oct 2011 BFN
    Hysteroscopy removed septum Nov 2011
    IUI#1 Dec 2011 BFN
    IUI#2 Jan 2012 CANCELLED ( due to too many follies)
    Second opinion with Dr H @ CFC
    IUI#2 March 2012 BFN
    IUI#3 May 2012 BFN
    IVF#1 May/June 2012 (Gonal F, Cetrotide, ovidrel, estro-pause and crinone) ER 01/06/2012 (12 Eggs)
    3 snow embies
    2 embies on board (ET 6/06/2012) BFP Beta: 9dp5dt/12dp5dt : 503/1810
    3/07/2012 First scan 6w4d TWO heartbeats
    25/07/2012 9w5d both doing well and growing beautifully
    16/08/2012 FAS both babies are perfect and we are having a GIRL and a BOY
    17/09/2012 18 weeks and both babies are doing very well
    09/10/2012 20 week FAS so in love with these two gifts from GOD
    06/12/2012 30 week both babies are 1.3kg
    08/01/2013 34 weeks babies weighing 2.2kg
    23/01/2013 36 weeks and C - section booked for 30th January 2013
    30/01/2013 Malachi John Drew 2.51kg and Briella Jean Drew 2.75kg Were born at 37 weeks and both healthy
    I am complete and so is my Family Thank you GOD!!!!

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    I had the same thing. Not the end of the world.

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    I had the same thing too. I ended up asking my gynae to clean it out properly for me since I used it until 20 weeks and was worried about doing something to my cervix.

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    Thank you Ladies, glad to hear that it is normal.....

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    L Drew same thing happened to me and i asked Dr Le Roux, its normal. It will go away.
    Me - 37 PCOS
    DH - 37 Seems to be fine (slightly low morphology)
    Married 2009
    TTC since 2011
    2 x Clomid timed cycles
    1 x Gonal F timed cycle
    4 x Menopur timed cycles (1 chemical pregnancy)
    1 x IUI with Menopur
    March 2012 IVF #1 (BFN)
    May 2012 IVF # 2 (BFN)
    March 2013 IVF #3 (BFN)
    Did acupuncture for IVF no 3 for a full year
    Consulted with Prof Bouic and did all the relevant immune tests and LIT treatment
    September 2013 Surprise BFP while waiting to start IVF - shocked
    Baby girl born 05.05.14 (My little Miracle)
    Feb 2016 surprise BFP - EDD Oct 2016

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    Same thing for me too and I also thought it was thrush. It lasted until 6 weeks even though I stopped Crinone at 15dpo.

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    I also had the same thing - It's so yucky!!! I thought there was something seriously wrong It also went a pinkish colour sometimes which was terrible and I had a panic attack! It's all good though because as horrible as it is taking it, it really does an amazing job
    Me: 31-PCOS; Immunological probs; x2 HSG; large septum removed
    DH: 34 Low morph/motility
    TTC: 3 1/2 yrs (medicated cycles)
    x5 miscarriages
    Apr 09-cct bfp Born @ 26 wks-460g
    Chloe died @ 5 weeks in NICU
    Mar-Apr IUI#1&2: BFN-Severe reactions
    May '11: BFP with Intralipids!! 10/11/13dpo=Beta 49;146;446! Twins!
    LG died @ 14 weeks (Chromosomal Abnormality)
    Logan Cole born 05/01/2012 at 38w-3.480 kg!
    I am complete again

    Waiting for DH to get ready to try again...


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