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Thread: Screened, Approved and Officially on Waiting List

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    Default Screened, Approved and Officially on Waiting List


    I am so happy to report that we have gone through all the screening. We are officially on the waiting list as of the 23rd March 2012.

    What is the longest someone has waited to adopt a baby?

    I hope that DH & do not wait too long before we can bring home our own little bundle of joy.

    Take care,

    Me 40
    DH 51
    TTC Since October 2005
    AI with Clomid x 3 - BFN
    AI x 6 - BFN
    HSG - All clear

    POA - Adoption
    First SW: Screeing 20 January 2012
    Approved for Adoption: 23 March 2012 - (Found out 11 Months later SW never registered us onto RACAP)

    New Social Worker: Screening: 07 December 2012 - (Finally placed on RACAP 22 February 2013)

    Placed with our beautiful baby girl 05 March 2014. Our Family is now Complete

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    Congrats! I hope its not a long wait!
    From our initial screening to the birth of our boy we waited 11 months.
    I hope its quick or that the time passes quick.
    Our journey to parenthood took eight and a half years.
    6 IVF's (Four of them using donor eggs)
    1 BFP in April 2009 m/c at seven weeks.
    Adoption screening with two SW's in 2010.
    Got the call that we had been chosen by a BM on 20 Sep 2011.
    Jayden was born 24 Sep 2011.
    Full hysterectomy 2014
    Put our name down for baba number two in Jan 2014
    Kaycey joined our family in November 2015

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    Big congratulations.

    We officially went on the waiting list on the 28th October 2011 and we are still anxiously waiting. All in HIS time, so we're trying to be patient.

    Hope your wait is short though. Once again congrats
    Jan'09: double ectopic pregnancy - surgically removed
    4 clomid cycles : BFN
    Sep2009: HSG - blocked tubesThey damaged both tubes
    Jan2010: Fertility screening
    Apr 2010: first IVF:BFN
    June 2010: Next scheduled IVF / cancelled due to chest infection
    August 1st - started staminogro
    August 12th: IVF #2 (cancelled before ET but after ER)
    Sept 23rd: IVF#3: BFN (egg quality an issue again)
    Taking a break from TTC
    March 2011: POA: last IVF (donor eggs???) and look at adoption
    28 October 2011: On waiting list for adoption
    28 March 2012: My beautiful baby boy came home

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    Congratulations on being "paper pregnant" - it really is just a matter of time now

    In terms of how much time, from reading these boards it is so so variable. We waited 3 months until we heard about our match from going on the list, and another 2 months after our beautiful baby boy was born - so 5 months in total.

    I think that your requirements will obviously play a role to some degree - the more specific you are in terms of gender, race, background etc etc the longer you are LIKELY to wait (but this does not always hold), but again, I have come to strongly feel that God plays the decisive role in placing these precious souls. Hoping with you for a short wait I promise you though that when YOUR baby comes home, the wait will fade into insignificance and you would not change a thing.

    One thing I can say is that you never know what is happening, even when you are at your most despondant. Our son's wonderful birth mom chose us while she was still pregnant and a good few months from giving birth, and our agency's policy is to only notify the prospective adoptive parents once the baby is born, since the birth mom could understandably change her mind. While we were waiting impatiently, praying, wondering if we would ever be matched, second guessing our profile and waiting for the phone to ring, we had no idea that our son's birth mom had already chosen us, and that our little one was on his way home, on his own timeline obviously

    Which social worker / agency are you using? Have they given you any idea on wait times?
    Me & DH - long list of IF issues
    History: 6 X IVF(ICSI) cycles; two second trimester miscarriages, 1 stillbirth

    Adopted our gorgeous baby boy - February 2012
    And our beautiful baby girl - April 2014

    Our family is finally complete

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    Definitely your preferences play a role as NotGivingUp has said. We waited just under 6 months for #1 and less than one month for #2!! With #1 he came into the foster care/adoption system late so his first mom didn't choose us but rather the agency matched us (PERFECT MATCH!). We were chosen by first mom for #2 and that feels extra special to me.


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