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Thread: Fertility Clinic in Windhoek

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    Default Fertility Clinic in Windhoek

    See what's in the news!!!

    The first clinic in Namibia to help people struggling to conceive and have children is now functional at the Rhino Park Private Hospital in Windhoek.

    The Namibia Fertility Clinic, equipped with over two-million Namibia dollars worth of equipment, will enable gynaecologists to fertilise the sperm and egg cells into a zygote which can then be implanted into a woman's womb.

    Gynaecologist Matti Kimberg says the clinic will reduce the cost of fertility treatment by half, bringing the treatment within the reach of most Namibians.

    Dr Kimberg says at least 40 per cent of men all over the world experience a low sperm count, making it difficult for them to make their partners pregnant.

    He says this high figure can be attributed to the intake of oestrogen by men from food, water and other environmental factors.

    Dr Klaus Wiswedel of the Cape Fertility Clinic says getting treatment in Namibia removes the transport and two-week accommodation costs for treatment in South Africa.

    The Deputy Permanent Secretary of the Ministry of Health and Social Services, Dr Norbert Forster, says at least ten per cent of the Namibian population is confronted with fertility challenges.

    He encourages the Namibia Fertility Clinic to ensure that those who need fertility treatment are made aware of the facility.
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    Wonderful news for all those who could previously not afford the flights and accommodation!

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    I heard the news. Will they do ivf as well?
    Who are doctors involved with the clinic.
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    Hubby: 30: low morphology 3% and high viscosity
    TTC: 1.5 years.
    IUI #1: femara, ovidrel - BFN
    March 2012- laparoscopy-stage 3 endometriose, septum and sists removed.
    POA: doctors suggests two more IUI before IVF.
    Iui # 2: 8/5/12.- menopur, femara, ovidrel. BFN

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    I don't know what they will be specialising in but its worth the contact. Try Dr Kimberg's offices
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