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    It feels so weird posting in here! I dont want to jinks myself, but dont want to offend anyone
    in the TTC tearoom.

    So whe went for an early scan yesterday, because of the brown spotting.
    New gyni as we are moving in 2 months time and if everything goes well I will be giving birth in Paarl and
    not Cape Town.

    Firstly the gyni said, not to worry about the brown spotting, she said it looks like old blood.
    She could only see the sac at first, but then said that my bladder is too full, I must go and empty it again.
    She did an internal sonar. We could see the flicker of the baby's heart. The baby is still too small
    to measure and the heartbeat could also not be measured, but she said that it's probably just too early as I was 6 weeks on the dot yesterday (she thought I might be less that 6 weeks)

    We were so greatful to see something. I started to panic when she couldnt find anything and thought the outcome is the same as last time, but GOD is GREAT and faithful and he knows how much our hearts desire
    this baby. I promised GOD to raise this baby for him and I will always keep this promise!

    I have another sonar next week to see if everything is going well.
    Gyni put me on cyclogest. She said there is no use in going for more beta test as what she want to see now is that the baby is growing and nothing else.

    Have any of you experience the same with your first scan? Surely a heartbeat (even if its small) is a good sign?

    Please continue praying with us.

    Thank you for you support x
    TTC 4.5 yrs
    Me 35 All fine
    DH 33 Low Count,Mortility,Morphology

    Jan 2011 ICSI #1 - BFP (18 eggs retrieve, 2 embies day 5 transfer) MMC 7 wks
    May 2011 ICSI#2 - BFN (Ovulated before ER - Cetrotide didnt work!)

    Oct 2011 Hystoroscopy Oct 2011
    Dec 2011 ICSI #3 - BFN 14 eggs retrıeve,only 2 fertılızed,only 1 7 cell,grade 3 ET on day 3

    MAR2012 Suprise Natural BFP!!
    1st Beta 19DPO 535
    2nd Beta 22DPO 2406
    3rd Beta 25DPO 7412
    4th Beta 29DPO 20927

    1st Scan 6 weeks 17/04/2012 Flickering heartbeat
    2nd Scan 7 weeks 24/04/2012 One brilliant HB 140bpm; 10.3 mm measuring 7W2D
    13 week scan All healthy, it looks like a girl
    16 week scan Again, it looks like a girl
    20 week scan All good - Confirmed we are expecting a GIRL!
    Beautıful Angel gırl named Mınke Born @ 37 weeks on 22 Nov2012.
    Our lıfes ıs complete!

    TTC # 2
    Feb 2014 Natural BFP, MMC 6 weeks
    Nov 2014 Natural BFP, waiting for first Scan, going mentally crazy

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    That sounds like good news babyhopes. I hope all goes well this week and that next week you will hear a clear heartbeat. Praying for you.
    Me:35 Endo stage 4, PCOS, both tubes blocked
    DH:36 Low Morphology
    TTC 2 years
    Lap # 6, Nov 12
    POA: TTC Naturally
    Jan 2012 - Clomid BFN
    Feb 2012 - Clomid BFN
    Mar 2012 - Timed Cycle Ovidrel, Estropause & Clomid BFN
    Apr 2012 - Timed Cycle Ovidrel, Estropause & Clomid BFN
    POA - Unblock tubes 6 months after op

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    Sounds good. I also had brown spotting at first for quite a while in my first trimestor, and then at week 8 red blood which freeked me out but dr r said that it was a side effect of the blood thinners I was on to prevent miscarriage. I also did not have a heart beat that early and had to wait for the next scan. Hang in there.
    2 IUI BFN (2007, 2010)
    homeopath, acupuncture, vitamins, diet plan etc
    2011: August: Medfem: Laparoscopy - removed cyst and endometriosis, got onto thyroid tabs
    2011: October: Just as about to start IVF: BFP!
    Nicholas was born 13 June 2012
    Now trying for a sibling for him.
    Read my blog: and get my survival tips here.

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    A heartbeat is always a good sign! Its the only thing that tells you for sure. Congratulations!
    Me: 32 Only one tube!
    DH: 35 Low Count and low Morphology
    Natural BFP September 2008- Miscarriage @ 8 weeks
    IUI#1 Feb 2009 BFN
    2 Timed Cycles BFN
    IUI#2 June 2009 BFN
    Timed Cycle July BFP- Ectopic
    Removed right ruptured Fallopian Tube
    Timed Cycle November 2009 BFP
    Its a girl!! Keelyn Paige born 5 August 2010
    First timed cycle March 2011- Not ovulating
    April to June 2011- Clomid, no ovulation and big cyst
    Timed Cycle June 2011 BFN
    IUI#1 July 2011 BFN (very low sperm count)
    IUI#2 August 2011 BFN
    IUI#3 October 2011 BFN
    Laparoscopy planned for January- December 2011 BFP while waiting on a timed cycle!! Its Twins
    Lost one twin at 10 weeks, other twin is doing well so far! EDD 17 September 2012
    ITS A BOY!!!!!
    Little Josua Pieter born 7 September 2012

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    That is great news - congratulations!
    Me-31-?anovulatory, antithyroid Ab, septum (removed)
    Jan-April '11: 2 x timed cycles + 2 x AI-BFN
    May: AI converted to IVF #1:10 eggs, 2 D5 blasts-chemical
    July: AI #3-chemical
    Aug: IVF #2: 25 eggs, 2 D5 blasts, 4 frozen-BFN
    Sept: FET-chemical
    Oct: hysteroscopy-septum
    Nov: New FS (same clinic) - IVF #3 with pred + aspirin: 19 eggs, 2 D5 blasts/1 frozen-chemical
    Jan '12: IVF #4: Long protocol-pred, aspirin + IL/ 25 eggs, 3 D5 blasts/ 4 frozen-chemical
    Feb '12: FET: cancelled
    May '12: Dr Braverman: IVF - trigger didn't work! Cycle cancelled
    July '12 Dr Braverman: FET with IVIg: 4 blasts transferred
    HPT positive 5dp5dt
    Beta 6dp5dt: 58
    8dp5dt: 143
    10dp5dt: 348
    12dp5dt: 867
    14dp5dt: 2376
    7 week scan: two sacs, one beautiful little munchkin 11.4mm with perfect heartbeat - what an special moment!
    9 week scan: our little jellybean is now 23.6mm and waving arms and legs!
    13 week scan. All perfect and it's a GIRL!
    13 weeks. Sub chorionic haematoma but stable for now. Bed rest indefinitely.
    20 week scan. Our precious munchkin is perfect with the most breathtaking little face. Haematoma has shrunk dramatically and everything on track. Modified bed rest whoo hoo!
    22 week scan. Haematoma is gone!! Precious baby girl weighs 493g.
    28 weeks. Steroids on board
    30 week scan. Sweetie pie opening her eyes and playing with her feet. Falling more and more in weighing 1.3 kg
    32 week scan. Weight shot up to 1.85kg! My little superstar!
    33 to 35 weeks - scans three times a week due to low amniotic fluid and poor dopplers
    36 weeks: premature labour - precious angel born on 18.2.13 weighing 2.35kg with a length of 48cm. Never before have I experienced such overwhelming joy!

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    A heartbeat is good, congratulations, enjoy the journey and hope the first trimester is not too tough on you!

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    You're preggies!! Congratulations!
    1998 - Ectopic pg

    TTC #1 : 12 months
    2006 - natural BP, although DH got 1% morphology - LB born June 2007

    2008 May - early mc

    2010 April - stop ovulating

    TTC #2
    me : 35 - POA, AMH 0.7 ng/mL
    DH : 36 - Teratozoospermia, 1% morphology, rest is fine
    June' 11 - Laparoscopy + D&C - all seems normal
    July-Oct '11 - clomid + BD - BFN
    Nov' 11 - took a break and went to see a FS - Dr H @ CFC
    Dec' 11 - femara - IUI cancelled, just one follicle - BFN

    Jan'12 - IUI - femara + Gonal-F + DHEA - too many follicles - converted to ICSI ..... BFP!
    Beta 9/12/27dp5dt = 120/375/37434
    First Scan = 27 Feb 2012 = One perfect little heartbeat!
    FAS = 16 April 2012 = Its a girl!
    Anomaly scan = 4 June 2012 = All perfect!
    Karla born 5 October 2012 via c-section.

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    Wonderfull news! Congrats
    ME: 36
    DH: 46
    3 x Laparoscopy & 1 x Hysteroscopy

    ICSI # 1: ET - 03/09/12 - 2 blasts - BFN
    FET: 02/10/12 - 2 blasts - BFP 1st Beta 44; 2nd Beta 106 ; m/c at 6 weeks

    ICSI # 2: Aug'13 - BFP!!
    Beta: 8dp5dt (34); 10dp..65; 12dp..(112); 15dp..(308); 18dp..(895)
    20W - miscarriage - incompetent cervix ? - We miss our little girl every second of every day!

    FET transfer - 18/04/14 (2 beautiful embies on board - Please God let this be the one... please please please
    Test day - 26/04/14 - BFP!!! Thank You Lord!
    Betas: 8dp5dt - 47; 12dp5dt - 367
    13/05/14 - First scan - We saw our baby's prescious strong heartbeat - 6w4d
    17/06/14 - 12w scan - Baby healthy and everything is looking good
    21/06/14 - cervix stitch done and dusted
    We are expecting a girl... so so so happy!
    25 weeks and everything is going well .... feeling so blessed
    02/12/14 - Booked to remove cervix stitch
    22/12/14 - Our prescious girl born via C-setion


    "He will cover you with His feathers and under His wings you will find refuge"

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    Of course even a flicker of a heartbeat is a good sign!!!

    Happy dance congrats!
    Me - 37
    DH - 37, Motility good, Morphology and Count low (but not too shabby according to FS)
    TTC #1 Dr V @ VL
    Oct 2011 - IVF 1 - cancelled and converted to IUI - BFN
    Nov 2011 - IVF 2 - BFP. betas 8/12/14/16 dp5dt at 205/1053/2136/3842
    2 Hearbeats! Lost one, heart stop beating around 8/9 weeks. Heartbroken
    LB born at 34 weeks, mom's sweet busybody

    TTC #2 Dr D (BA)
    FET 1 - BFN (VL)
    IVF 1 - BFP (BA), m/c at 7 weeks
    FET 2 - BFP, twins ....very high risk pregnancy, 2 boys. Healthy happy boys born Feb 2015

    Done with TTC!


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