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Thread: Clomid+iui=multiples or twins or single ?.......

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    Default Clomid+iui=multiples or twins or single ?.......

    Hi ladies,

    I have started this thread to give hope to those who still trying to conceive, and to make them feel that they too can reach there one day,and they should not give up instead they should be strong and hang in there coz it can happen.

    Plz feel free to share your story....
    What kind of problem did you have like eg.( PCOS,hormone imbalance, fibroid...),What did you use(if med) What kind and quantity(eg.50mg/100mg or.?,How many follicles did u produce,and How many tries before get BFP and You were pregnant with how many babies.

    Thank you.
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    Hi sush, I did 4 rounds of Clomid/Ovidrel/IUI. First 3 were BFN (50mg - produced one follicle each time). I got my BFP with the 4th one (100mg). I produced 2 beautiful follies and fell pregnant with twins!
    Me: 34 - Irregular cycles and ovulation
    DH: 33 - Perfect (best DH in the world)
    Married 3 years - together since 2005

    TTC # 1 (and 2): 18 months
    Sep 09: Natural BFP - Chemical pregnancy
    Oct 09 to Feb 10 - 3 x cycles Clomid/Ovidrel/IUI with gynae - all BFN
    Jul 10 - FS - Dr Hogewind (RIP) at Kloof Fertility: Clomid/Ovidrel/IUI - BFP!
    Beta 15dpiui: 980 / Beta 17dpiui: 2100 - Boy/Girl twins!!!!
    Twins born Feb 2011 at 31w6d - 23 days in NICU

    TTC # 3
    May 12: Started trying naturally
    Jun 12: BFP!
    Beta 16dpo: 142 / Beta 18dpo: 530 - Girl!!!
    LG born Jan 2013 at 35w4d (placenta abruptio) - 6 days in NICU

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    hi little mo,

    it's so nice to hear stories like this.Thank you for sharing and God bless u


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