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Thread: Reflexology and Christianity

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    Default Reflexology and Christianity

    I know this is a controversial subject, but any honest opinions would be appreciated. I have gone for 2 treatments at a clinical reflexologist for sinusitis and some stress refiel before our next surrogacy attempt. I am a Christian, and some of my other Christian friend believes that its not right to do it...

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    This is a very brave and hounest question and one worth asking, and one that is very difficult to answer without causing conflict and disagreement.

    My advice to would be to research the origins of these treatments and in your exploration measure what you read against your own faith and spirit. If there is the slightests doubt and dissension in your heart about this, stay away from it. Doing anything against your conscience is very unhealthy, spiritually, emotionally and mentally. If however you find a way to be content with it and you feel that your spirit concurs, make use of it.

    I am more than willing to discuss this more openly one on one, so if you feel like it, pop me a mail.

    All the best!


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    Hi Melindam,

    I too am a Christian and have pondered the use of treatments such as accupuncture and reflexology in the hope that they will aid relaxtion and ultimately lead to a BFP.

    I did some research on the topic and it would seem that these treatments have their origins in Eastern philosophies - i.e the Chinese philosophy of Yin and Yang and a Universal Life Force. I would guess that it is for these reasons that your friends consider these treatments contrary to Christian beliefs.

    I think it's a very personal decision, as to what types of alternative therapies one makes use of, and something that should be prayerfully considered if you are at all in doubt.

    I wish you everything of the best.


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    I agree with Maritza. It comes down to what you feel is right for you. A friend of mine started using an ulternative medicine she knew that other christians wouldn't approve of. She didn't tell them. If you decide that its right for you, maybe that is something you need to keep between you and God. I am a Christian and although I don't currently use reflexology, I think the basis of it is to do with pressure points. I personally take what the appostle Paul said. If you are offered Meat - don't ask any questions about if its been sacrificed to idols. Just eat it. I know that eating meat is a lot different however I tend to apply it to other areas. I am comfortable with reflexology, personally, knowing they deal with pressure points. I have chosen not to ask anything deeper than that to protect my conscience before God.

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    I agree with jbellsblue and what she said. The reason a lot of Christians have a problem with reflexology, accupunture is they believe that 'things' happen behind the scene, like praying to foreign gods (I have yet to find anyone that actually does this). When I started looking into reflexology I made sure that they were Christian people doing it. I have also looked into the training myself as I beleive there are many people with your same concerns.
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    I am also a christian and had reflex for about four years. Not once did I feel that this has a influence on my religion or was something done other that to have my hands and feet massaged. Someone once said that should you feel fine if God where there, then it is not a problem. Maybe there is practitioners and practitioners, so for sure find out first- but reflex def. gives a positive attribution to a more healthy body.

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    Hi Melindam!

    Just saw your post now. I too am a devout Christian and thought I would share my thoughts with you. I'm going to be quite open and honest, so stop reading now if you're not up to it. Hopefully I won't offend anyone as this isn't my purpose...

    I think it all comes down to the intention of the person administering the treatment. The first time I had accupuncture it was at my physio. She's also a Christian and in no way buys into any of the 'spiritual aspects' that can accompany it. The accupuncture worked brilliantly as it caused a tiny 'injury' in the muscle which encouraged oxygenated blood to travel to it and speed up the healing. My second encounter with accupuncture has been quite recent. I've been seeing a lady by the name of Dr Vicky Hindmarch in Pinelands. She is known for treaty ladies going through IF treatment. Vicky is a doctor of Eastern medicine. She is, as I am, Catholic. There's no hocus pocus or anything weird, just the 'science' behind the type of medicine that she practices. (We have energy fields in our body...and I truly believe that God made us and thus put them there. The fact that a group of people practising a different religion might perform the same therapy, doesn't make the therapy non-Christian...just make sure you are seeing someone who is trying to heal the body using the treatment, not by calling upon foreing gods etc.)

    I've also tried reflexology. The lady I saw was a very sweet and kind Muslim lady in Panorama by the name of Zarina. It was a completely non-religeous treatment. Different points on your feet relate to different points in the body. She presses on a point and if it's sore she tells me which part/organ it relates to and then proceeds to massage it. Once again, no religion, only a therapy. (Having said that I did once try someone who claimed to be a reflexologist, but kept on with mumbo jumbo about this toe meaning I had a troubled youth etc. Weird!!! So I just took it with a pinch of salt, put it down to not doing enough background checks and never went back again.)

    It is very easy for people to condemn things as being unChristian...the danger lies in who decides what is acceptable and not acceptable and how far are they prepared to go. Not so long ago we were still having witch hunts and censorship on perfectly sound literature because a small group deemed them to be unsound. At the end of the day if you're unsure about something, pray about it...and do lots of research too.

    I did karate for many years and never once was I even tempted to explore Eastern religion although I was occasionally questioned about how I could take part in something pagan/eastern. Nonsense! I did it as a sport and as self-defense. My motives were always pure.

    People like to pass judgement. Trust your heart. Always pray about the issue and just remember that to the pure all things are pure, to the tainted all things are tainted...or at least it says something very similar in the bible. Stay pure and allow God to bless you.

    Lots of love,
    Clare xxx
    PS Apologies for the looooonnnngggggg essay!

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