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Thread: Can sperm leaking out after BD give positive OPK?

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    Question Can sperm leaking out after BD give positive OPK?

    Morning all!

    This is a slightly embarrassing question!

    Since I have only started having cycles again thanks to glucophage and eltroxin, I have been trying to get to know my cycle using charting etc.

    On CD 16 after BD I POAS and got a positive OPK (the Clear Blue smiley face) BUT (TMI warning!!!) I did notice that some sperm came out whilst I was peeing and so now I am wandering whether it could have been the semen that made the result positive. Dr Google says that semen contains some LH. Last cycle I ovulated on CD 19 (I know this as I was at the FS having scans for a timed cycle), so to get a positive this cycle on CD 16 is quite conceivable. I did POAS the day before and the day after my "Positive" results and got negatives. So now I am confused.

    Thanks if you can help me!!

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    I don't know the answer to your question but when I was still using OPK's I used to get faint lines building up to Ovulation day and then on day of ovulation a very strong line, and the next day nothing. I used to use the Dischem brand.
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    Thanks Sage!

    Good luck with your wait...

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    Hi Nikki

    There are no embarrassing questions here!

    I used OPK's religiously for a year and half. I always get 2 days of LH surge and show up positive on the sticks 2 days in a row - most people will only show up positive for 1 day, and even then apparently only for a few hours so its possible to miss the surge if you test 24 hours apart. The rest of the month its negative for me (despite me having PCOS and elevated LH levels).

    The semen would not have given you a false positive reading, so you can discount that. The only way to get a false positive OPK is if you had been given an hCG trigger or if you have PCOS with incredibly high LH levels (in which case you would get a positive every day). LH and hCG are chemically very similar and the OPK can pick up hCG and give you a positive.

    But assuming you didn't have the trigger, then this is sounding great! Looks like you would have ovulated somewhere around CD17.

    I also did temp charting which I found very useful. I used to pick up my temperature rise one or two days after ovulation (so 2 or 3 days after the surge). So you should see yours soon.

    In the meantime you and DH should have lots of fun together .

    Wishing you all the best for this cycle!
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    POA: trying to find a FS in the UK

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    Thanks SO much for the reply Melonius! I am temp charting so I am going to see what the temps do in the next few days...

    HUGE CONGRATS on your BFP!

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