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Thread: Your take on implantation cramping?

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    Default Your take on implantation cramping?

    Hi guys

    I'm only 2dp5dt, so right in the beginning of my 2WW and feeling very positive and chilled. I'm sure that will change as time goes on!

    I have no symptoms at all, real or imagined, and hope that I can keep the obsession at bay for a while longer. That said, I am just wondering about implantation cramping because I had never heard of it before I came to this forum.

    Does is usually happen the day after transfer? How many people actually get it?

    I usually don't cramp much at all so I didn't expect to feel it, I guess I'm just interested to know more about it. I'd be interested in anyone's opinion.


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    I got implantations cramps with all 5 of my pregnancies. One even bled a little!
    Having said that, I am freaky in tune with my body (or I'm a sissy - Whatever ) Also, it was not an IVF, so that is quite different.

    Just my 2c worth
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    From what I know, implantation cramps / bleeding occurs in about a third of all pregnancies.

    However, please don't put your hope on that. I had a cramps and a little spotting with previous ICSI, FS said it's probably implantion cramps, but it was just AF trying to get through all the meddlings. Devastating.
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    I had what I believe was implantation pain at about 9/10dpo. It was a sharp stabbing type pain that I felt very late at night in bed. This was followed by a little bleed the following morning (just one wipe). And now I'm PG!!!!
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    Hi, Havanna

    Remeber I told you I had cramps, jokingly saying they were implantation cramps, turned out they were!

    2 days slight cramps, on and off. Not too much pain. About 4-5 days after transfer.

    Best of luck to you, keeping you in my prayers! Come on 25 Feb...

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    The first time I felt a some cramps was the day before test day, and a lot after confirmation of pregnancy. But I also had cycles where I felt a lot of cramps from early on and it turned out to be a BFN. So I don't think cramps are much of an indication...
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