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Thread: Any (single) FET success stories?

  1. Default Any (single) FET success stories?

    Just want to know if anyone on here has had success with FET and, if people donít mind sharing, how many embies did you transfer? I'm seriously considering eSET, since I really don't want twins, but I don't want to have to go through this another dozen times either Also, if anyone got first time lucky with FET, I would LOVE to hear your story! Iím @ Kloof btw.

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    Just want to say hope you get your answer and peace over this, I haven't done IVF's only IUI's so I can't answer you, just wanted to say I am also at Kloof!
    Me 38
    DH 34
    #1 LG born out of previous marriage 2005
    2.5kg and 49cm
    TTC 2years

    #2 TTC 2.5 years
    3 IUI BFN
    Spontaneous BFP Feb 2012
    LB born 26 October 2012
    3.3kg and 50cm

    #3 Surprise BFP May 2013
    LG born 27 January 2014
    3.3kg and 51cm

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    Hi there,

    I got a BFP from my one and only FET cycle. I had only one frozen AAA grade hatching blastocyst frozen, and it took just like the Dr said it would.

    I believe like my clinic suggests, that only AAA grade hatching blastocysts should be frozen, and that is one of the reasons they have such a high success rate on FET cycles. while most clinics freeze day3 embryos, not that they havent produced BFP;s but not as many as frozrn blastocysts.

    Good luck
    *Me: 33 *DH: 37
    *TTC since 2003
    *1st IVF/ICSI - M/C at 17w2d (21Nov07) (incompetent cervix)
    *2nd IVF/ICSI - M/C at 23w(15Aug08) (septic m/c)
    *3rd IVF/ICSI - cycle cancelled due to bleeding (AMH : 0.2)
    * FET - BFP 11/06 Hcg=206 11dp5dt
    * Changed gyne: negligent & incompetent with first 2 pregnancies.
    * New gyne - Dr Rene Janse Van Rensburg - Medfem Clinic - BRILLIANT!!
    * C-Section 02/02/2011 (38w) SMC - Thank you Lord
    * 4th IVF/ICSI July2012 - 2 High quality embies transferred BFN (AMH : 0.2) DHEA
    * 5th IVF/ICSI January2013 - 2 High quality embies transferred BFN (AMH : 0.16) DHEA
    * 6th IVF/ICSI May/June 2013 - Cancelled Abnormal Embies
    Prof Bouic: Covocort, gyne guard, ultra flora,gluten free diet.....
    * 7th IVF/ICSI June 2014 - Cancelled Abnormal Embies
    *Trying new Clinic BIOART
    *8th IVF/ICSI January 2015 - Transferred 6cell Day 3 High Quality Embryo But slow developer
    Do we try Donor Eggs or continue trying with own?

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    I'm also pregnant from our one and only FET cycle. I never in a million years thought it would work but it did.

    We transferred two embies that were frozen on Day 6 (Grade 3AA and 2BB)

    Good luck and all the best with you decision.

    Me (31) & DH (32) - Unexplained Infertility

    5 IUI's - 1 IVF -1 FET = Mommy to two gorgeous boys Luca & Evan

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    I am also pregnant from FET, but expecting twins, we put back 3 though.
    TTC No 2 - 3.5 years second time 18 months first time.
    DH low morphology
    Me Jan 10 diagnosed ovarian ageing June 10 changed to ovarian dysfunction
    AI x5 unsuccessful, x4 IVF unsuccessful, x1 DE IVF unsuccessful, X1 DE FET BFP
    Beta - 5dp5dt 44; 7dp5dt 156; 11dp5dt 1657 15dp5dt 5600
    ITS TWINS - one Girl and one Boy
    Angel Twins Born on 18 July at 36.5 weeks weighing 3kgs and 2.9 kgs


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