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Thread: Fertility clinic/doc Gauteng reviews

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    Default Fertility clinic/doc Gauteng reviews

    What fertility Clinic do you use in Gauteng? What is the waiting time to get an appointment? And what prices am I looking at?

    What did they do for the first few appointments?

    Please tell me you Doc/Clinic and recommendations.

    I am leaning towards: Gynomed Dr Lindeque. Anybody know about him or have had an appointment with him? Expiernece ect?

    Vitalab Fertility Clinic
    Dr Volschenk, Dr Jacobsen, Dr Gobetz
    59 Rivonia Rd, Monrningside, Johannesburg
    +27 (011) 640-5049,

    Bio Art Fertility Centre
    Dr M. Cassim, Dr Dasoo
    Brenthurst Clinic, West Wing, Upper Level.
    4 Parklane, Parktown, 2193
    +27 (011) 484-5168,

    Medfem Clinic
    Dr A. Rodriques, Dr J van Schouwenburg, Dr J van Rensburg
    1 Nursery St, Peter Place, Bryanston, Johannesburg
    +27 (011) 463-2244,

    Gynomed Clinic
    Dr Giesteira, Dr Labuschagne, Dr Lindeque, Dr Potgieter, Dr Schulz
    Wilgeheuwel Hospital, Suite 11, Amplifier Rd, Radiokop, Roodepoort
    +27 (011) 796-1100,

    Sandton Fertility Clinic
    Dr Mohammed, Dr Faesen
    173 Rivonia Rd, Rochester Place, D Block, Ground Floor, Johannesburg
    +27 (011) 883-1776,

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    I'm with Dr J at Vitalab. I think I waited 3 weeks for an appointment. I can't remember the cost of the first consultation and exam but I know it was well over R1000.

    First consult included full examination and scan.

    Next up was an HSG for me followed by a consultation.

    I'm happy with Vitalab so far, although I sometimes feel a bit rushed overall I'm happy with them.
    Me - 31
    DW - 34
    TTC since Nov '09

    4 x IUI's all BFN

    Vitalab - Dr J
    HSG - Septum
    Lap & Hysteroscopy - Removed stage 2 Endo, Septum & Cyst
    June '10 IUI - BFN
    July '10 IUI - BFN
    Aug '10 IUI - BFN

    Mar/April '11 IVF - BFP but ectopic, removed at 8 weeks

    Sep '11 - HSG - Tube damaged, no longer functional

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    oops tyoed the wrong
    Age: 41 Unicornuate Uterus, acidic CM , one remaining ovary
    DH 41: Super super sperm!!!!!
    1 x HSG (diagnosed a UU), 1 x Lap 2009 (removed I big ass fibroid and 3 wannabe fibroids plus stage 2 endo); Suprise BFP while waiting for lap : Beta 404 (14/11/2011) EDD: 22 July 2012 ; Dr R V Rensburg; Mcdonald stitch done at 13 weeks; Baby girl lost due to implantation in rudementary horn, left ovary and horn removed with baby
    Half the woman I used to be but with new man by my side Lap x 2 (April 2013) no endo but scarring from baby loss removed;
    Another suprise BFP (ya some weirdness abounds) - 1st beta at 14dpo 158, 2nd beta at 18DPO 1032, 20DPO 2360
    Rebecca Pamela born 23 April 2014........I have a little bull
    Accepting what will be will be

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    What fertility Clinic do you use in Gauteng? What is the waiting time to get an appointment? And what prices am I looking at?
    - Medfem, I haven't had to wait for an appointment, usually phone 1 or 2 weeks in advance and get my appointment. Otherwise I fall into the queue on a Friday. They usually consult on Tuesday to Thursday (I think).

    What did they do for the first few appointments?
    - Before my first appointment they sent a welcome pack detailing all the blood work DH and I had to do
    - First consult Dr Rodrigues discussed the results and identified my problems and scheduled a lap/hys
    - After the lap we did a PCT and after that we TTC naturally and now going for IVF

    Please tell me you Doc/Clinic and recommendations.
    - Dr Rodrigues of Medfem has helped 3 women in my family fall pregnant. He's awesome. Great bedside manner, warm and compassionate and very very very good at what he does. He knows his business!!!!

    I am leaning towards: Gynomed Dr Lindeque. Anybody know about him or have had an appointment with him? Expiernece ect?

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    I forgot to mention costs

    Initial consult R970
    Follow up consults R550
    Bloodwork etc covered by my medical aid (had the results sent to my local GP then collected them fromk him.)
    Lap etc, the Doctors fees etc is paid upfront and for the aneathetist, the Clinics fees were covered by my medical aid. The inital upfront payment for my op was about R7000 but I claimed it all back from my medical aid.

    Then IVF is R40,000 (initial deposit R33,000 on commencement)
    IVF/ICSI is about R51,000 (all dependant)

    Hope this helps

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    Hi all

    I am closing this thread due to the Poll. We had issues in the past regarding Polls relating to best clinic/best doctor so would prefer to er on the side of caution.

    Ika - there are several threads inthe TTC room which revolve around recomendations of clinics in JHB, plse refer to those.

    Thanks for your understanding in this matter.

    ME = 35
    DH = 43
    TTC #1 = 6.5 years
    DX = PCOS, Endometriosis
    HIST = 4 x Laps | 2 x Clomid IUI's BFN | 2 x Inj IUI's BFN | 1 x Cxl Inj cycle | 12x mnths - Fertiboost | Loads of Reflex | 5 x mnths China Herbs | IVF #1 May 2008 BFN | FET July 2008 BFN | IVF #2 Feb 2009 BFN | IVF #3 with Intralipids Dec 2009 Chemical pregnancy | GIFT with Intralipids Feb 2010 BFN |
    IVF/ICSI #4 Sept 2010 - BFP - Beta 1: 274, Beta 2: 716, Beta 3: 4938 - 1 x Healthy Clam
    Our son Kade Ethan was born on 03.06.2011
    | Surprise BFP March 2013 - Miscarriage @ 7 weeks |2nd Surprise BFP May 2013 Beta 1 : 415, Beta 2 : 1108, Beta 3: 4099 - 1 x Baby GIRL on board
    Our daughter Gemma Grace was born on 15.01.2014

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