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    Another IUI or is IVF the way?

    Hi Bettyboop

    Yes it's very difficult to decide if it's worth going on with IUI's... It all depends on how long you think you and DH can

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    It is extremely wrong for your dr to shout at you! Leave now, find another gynae. There is absolutely no reason for you to put up with such disgusting

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    Another IUI or is IVF the way?

    I ask on here because I know the ladies on here have all been on numerous fertility procedure up and downs, I also know that a lot of you firmly believe

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    What now?

    Hi all. Been keeping tabs but not active on page anymore. My lb is 2 years old. Been off the pill since he was 4 months old and as per dr with 1% chance

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    I am 19 weeks pregnant with my first baby.
    Am i wrong to be stressing if i had severe period cramps and diarrhea that i was in tears

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    Aug/Sept 2016 Cycle Buddies TTC/ IUI/ IVF/ ICSI/ PICSI/ ZIFT/ GIFT/ DONOR/ SURROGATE

    Hey Al. I'm sorry (again) to hear the news.

    My mom had me at 41 (almost 42) and just look what a jewell I turned out as :P my mom said

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