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Is it true that the second IVF is supposed to be more likely to be successful than the first, and if so, why?

Monday, May 4th, 2009

Statistically the likelihood of a good outcome during the 2nd or 3rd attempt is higher. This is due to the fact that so much information, that were previously not known, is now available and can be used to optimize and tweak the next attempt.

- Answers kindly provided by Dr. Stephan Volschenk -

Is there any mandatory reporting of statistics (success rates) for clinics in South Africa? Are the reporting requirements the same for each clinic – eg statistics per age of patient, per treatment, ongoing pregnancy rates, live births etc. Are these statistics audited in any way? By whom? In the absence of mandatory requirements, do clinics share success rates with patients anyway? Are patients entitled to ask a clinic for their statistics, and how confident can we be that those statistics are an accurate and true reflection of that particular clinics success rates?

Friday, December 12th, 2008

There is no mandatory reporting at present, however the South African Fertility society is establishing guidelines for this to be done.  One is entitled to ask for statistics.


- Week 27 answers kindly provided by Dr. Stephan Volschenk -


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