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I’m a surrogate. When they did my bloods for progesterone they said mine was 37 which were low. I was on Gestone once a day and now they have added clyomed as well. What should my progesterone be? The beta was High which they said was good but I’m worried about the levels now I can only do my 6week scan in 1.5weeks should I be worried?

Monday, May 4th, 2009

As long as the Beta in doubling every 48 hours and there is no bleeding or cramping, the pregnancy is ongoing until proven otherwise.

- Answers kindly provided by Dr. Stephan Volschenk -

What is an acceptable beta post IVF? Mine was 8 and I was told to stop treatment. Other girls on the forum have had levels of 13 and one of 3 and they have continued on the treatment and there levels have done all the right things and progressed normally?

Thursday, March 26th, 2009

This depends entirely on how long after the embryo transfer this is done. A reassuring level 14 days post ET is usually in the vicinity of  about 100.

- Week 32 answers kindly provided by Dr. Stephan Volschenk -


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