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What is the ideal time/follicle size to use Ovidrel trigger in a IUI/timed cycle? What is the range if there are 2 follicles at different sizes? What is the disadvantage of triggering too early? (Do those eggs still have a chance?)

Monday, May 4th, 2009

The size for trigger is 18mm. With 2 follicles present, one would time the trigger on the size of the leading follicle, i.e. as soon as the leading one reaches a mean diameter of 18mm.

- Answers kindly provided by Dr. Stephan Volschenk -

I had the Ovidrel trigger on day 7 of my cycle and my cycles are normally between 25 and 27 days long . I have been asked to contact my clinic if AF does not begin after 14 days which would mean a 22 day cycle? Does Ovidrel automatically result in a 14 day luteal phase or should my existing cycle (long luteal phase) be taken into account.

Thursday, March 26th, 2009

Ovulation generally occurs 35-44 hours post the “trigger” The luteal phase is 14 days long. However, in a small percentage of patients the egg can be released either before 35 hours or after the projected 44 hours post “trigger”. Therefore it is clear that it does not automatically leads to a 14 day luteal phase, but as a whole it generally does. (give or take a day either side)

- Week 32 answers kindly provided by Dr. Stephan Volschenk -


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